Friday, October 5, 2012

RedRock Brewing Nut Brown Release party

Last night I was lucky enough to be invited to a RedRock brewing release party. This Nut brown is based on their award winning session Nut brown, but has been upped to 6%. With it there was a fairly substantial edition of cascade hops added to the finish. It's quite noticable, and not really expected based on the style. If you are a fan of a malty Nut brown, this may not be the beer you want.

My wife actually ordered the standard Nut brown after drinking a little of the new stuff. It happens to be one of her favorite beers, so no suprise there. I actually like the hops, but then that is no suprise either.

The nose is a little nutty with notes of coffee, chocolate, and some piney hops. It has a nice roasted flavor with some toffee that finishes with suprising cascade piney hop notes. The finish is dry. 

I was also lucky enough to sit at the same table with the only RedRock brewer that showed up. That made the night much more enjoyable as we got along great with him and his wife.

I got invited to go to another release party next week for their beer Secale, a Rye Whiskey Barrel aged Dopelbock Lager. One of my favorite beers!

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