Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Bottled up!

This weekend I set up the bottling line. The main purpose was to get some of this beer into 12 oz bottles for competitions at a later date. That’s one issue with always kegging... a bunch of really fine beers never makes it to judging.

Five different brews were bottled up.

1)      Belgian Golden Ale – 10% ABV
2)      Oaked Belgian Stout – 9% ABV
3)      Dry Irish Stout (Beamish clone) – 4% ABV
4)      Breakfast Stout – 8% ABV
5)      Jaggery Barley Wine - 10% ABV

I have a bunch of the Belgian stout bottled up, but the rest were bottled for competitions only. The Belgian stout is really interesting. I have nothing to compare it to and I am really looking forward to what others have to say about it.

UPDATE (7/17/2012): The Belgian stout has really turned into a star. Tim, my brother in-law and brewing partner pretty much brewed this one on his own because I got a phone call 1 hour into our brew session from a doctor up at Snowbird telling me my daughter hit her head snowboarding and was being taken by ambulance to the hospital! It took her a few weeks to shake the concussion symptoms, but she was ok. We joking called this one the closed head injury stout.

Anyway, it was an ok beer but thought the oak would mellow it out. Tim didn’t oak his 5 gallons, and he almost dumped it out numerous times. Last week Tim hooked up this keg because he had no other beer. Low and behold he called me raving about it... what? it's the best beer we have ever made?

This weekend he brought some over and we did a side by side with the oaked and straight version. They were really different but both were steller... and strong as hell!