Monday, April 4, 2011

El Dorado RyePA

It's still on the cold side for outdoor brewing, but it warmed up long enough this past Saturday to get some brewing done. It is still getting too cold to ferment in my garage fridge so I came up with an ale to ferment in the basement.

I just got some El Dorado hops and figured I would use them in a single hop brew to see how I like them. These hops sound pretty good, but they are also about the only hops that have their own profile on Facebook. So obviously someone is really pushing the marketing of this new hop.

Description: This dual purpose hop variety has high alpha acids making it great for bittering. Additionally, it has a tropical fruit, watermelon candy, pear and stone fruit aroma making it an interesting flavor and aroma hop.

The Grain bill consisted of about 70% 2 row, 15% Rye Malt, 10% Vienna, and 5% Crystal 120
Hops were added at 10 minute intervals until 20 minutes and then every 5 minutes. A total of 3.5 Oz of leaf hops went into the brew. The remaining half once will be used to dry hop. IBU calculation came in at approx 75