Tuesday, January 20, 2015

New year, new website

I have been using blogger for documenting my brewing since 2010. It has served me well and I sort of get a kick going back and looking at those early posts. I started this blog to talk about the beers I was brewing, and their history. Overtime I have definitely changed what and how I brew significantly. Today the beers I am making are more likely to be experimental rather than classic styles. With the bigger focus on style fusions, experimental, and unique beer, I felt a more unique website was also in order. With this in mind I have decided to fully embrace the Rev Brew Labs and drop Revival Brewing.

If you would like to check out the site, the new address is revbrewlabs.com. So far there is no new content there yet. Everything from this site has been migrated over and restyled. I am working on  redirecting links pointing to my blogger site to the new one. Once that happens I will retire this site. Until that happens I will try to post to both locations.

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