Sunday, January 1, 2012

35 gallons in 8 days

I took advantage of the crazy warm weather and stayed busy over the Christmas break by pulling off 3 brews in 8 days! I had to use some carboys and buckets in order to do it. Haven't used those in a while!

Here is a quick summary of the beer in the pipeline.

Brew #1 (Dec. 24th)

Breakfast Stout (est. 8%)
10 Gallons. Contains Sumatra coffee, Cacao nibs, 85% dark chocolate, Oatmeal, and a lot of dark malts. Cold brewed coffee will also be added to the keg. A meal all by itself!

Here are some pictures from the brew day.

Crushing 34 pounds of grain

All crushed

15 gallon mash tun maxed out with 10 gallons of water and 34 pounds of grain.

The boil smells great.