First and foremost I am a husband and father. I have a wonderful and gorgeous wife, and two great kids. Whatever else that takes place in my life comes after them and their needs.

I started brewing in the late 90’s. This was all extract kits, nothing to complex and nothing to great tasting either. I lost interest for various reasons. Namely I didn’t have the time, and the beer, although ok, was nothing special. I think I may have also produced a few too many infected batches and that will really kill your enthusiasm.

Fast forward to 2009. I started thinking about getting back into brewing. I read some online articles, watched some YouTube videos and decided I was going to start back up, but this time my plan was to brew all grain. I did one extract batch to get back into it and since then have brewed only all grain. Since April 2009 I have racked up at more than 100 all grain batches. I also began participating in my first home brew competition in 2012 and  my beers have been well received in every competition I have entered. I entered the NHC for the first time in 2014 and 3 of my 4 entries made it into the final round!

What is Revival Brewing?
What's in a name? Revival brewing means two things to me. The first is that I picked the name after rejoining the art of home brewing after a long 10 year hiatus. So it represents the reviving of the brew for me. The other reason is that I love history. To me history and beer go hand in hand.  I don't just want to understand how beer has evolved over time; I want to brew it so I can get an idea on what it tasted like. Beer appears along with the earliest know civilizations. Almost every culture that has had access to the right ingredients has created and celebrated it in some way or another.  Brewing for me is such a primordial task; it makes me feel a connection to those that have gone before me and laid the foundation of what brewing is today. Not everything I brew has some long history to it, but I am definitely drawn to styles and techniques that do.e Brewery

I am currently brewing on a 26 gallon all grain set-up. All my pots are from morebeer.com. I love having all the fittings welded.

This is what is commonly referred to as a single tier system. Everything is on the same level and I use a special high temp electric pump to move liquid to the different brewing vessels. I can brew up to 20 gallons of a high strength beer.

All heat is controlled by a BCS so I can just punch in the desired temp and let things take care of themselves (and pour a pint of homebrew). The temp is never more than +/- 1 degree of the target temp.

The whole thing sits on a heavy duty industrial rack. I attached caster wheels to the bottom of the rack so I can roll it in and out of the garage. Check out this post where I detail my "up cycled" brew stand.