Monday, September 5, 2011

YAMber Ale and more...

It was a seriously busy weekend for home brewing.

I filled all my kegs and a bunch of bottles. I was also able to brew up a small batch of some Yam beer... More on that in a minute.

I needed to free up some corny kegs so I bottled the remains of my recent Cascadian dark ale and a big dark strong Belgian.

I then filled a keg with my Farmhouse Saison. It's been sitting in primary for 5 weeks. So I transferred it to a keg and will leave it in the basement for a while.

I also put my experimental old ale/braggot I brewed last Oct into a keg to carb. I will plan on bottling that in a few days. That one is quite interesting. You can find a previous post from my brew day on that.

Next I emptied the conical of the 10 gallons of Coconut porter. I put it into kegs where I will let it sit another week or so before carbonating it.

Then finally I wanted to brew an autumn beer... Yeah it's probably a little late but whatever.
I thought about a pumpkin ale, but that's pretty common now days. I decided to use yams instead. Probably not all that different in the end, but it sounds cool.

I did a small 7 gallon batch. Into it went 6 pounds of yams that I chopped up, sprinkled with brown sugar, and cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamon, and cloves. That was baked in the oven and then mashed up. I dumped that into the mashtun and added a small amount of additional spices with 5 mins left in the boil. It's fermenting away now and I hope it is drinkable before the snow flies around here. If not it will probably end up as a holiday beer :)

So that's it... Busy couple of days.