Friday, February 24, 2012

Brewhouse upgrades

Well it's the time of year for upgrading the brewhouse. The stage is set for some very big beers and big batches in 2012!

New milling platform
I purchased a 3 roller Monster Mill (MM3) with a 38 pound hopper. I mounted it to a metal cart from Home Depot. Driving it is a 1/2 inch variable speed D handle drill from Harbor Freight. The thing is working great after dialling the gap in.

26 Gallon mash tun and hot liquor tank
Presenting the 3 amigos. With the addition of a new 26 gallon mash and hlt, I plan on brewing quite a few 20 gallon batches!

New March nano brew pump
This thing puts the old 809 pump to shame. It is pretty quite too! This was mounted a small wheeled moving cart. I like being able to easily move it around rather than fixing it to one location.

New Fermentation vessel
And lastly I needed another place to ferment with all these other upgrades. I decided to try out using sankey kegs for fermentation. This keg is from GW kent. It is sold for the wine industry and they call it a topping keg. It has a 4 inch tri clover fitted to the top and a 1.5 inch tc near the bottom.

I then had synergy metalworks build me the 4 inch lid with ball lock posts and pressure release valve. There is a dip tube that ends about an inch above the bottom of the keg.