Saturday, September 8, 2012

Improv IPA day follow up

So I need to get better at follow ups to some of my brew session posts. Today I figured I would write about the double IPA brewed back in July.

This was a fun beer to brew, and we went into it completely unprepared on hop schedule. We selected the type of hops beforehand, but that was it. We added them as we went along, and just wrote them down so we would not forget. The hops selected were Zythos (10.9%), Sorachi Ace (10.9%), and Calypso (12.9%). The Zythos is a proprietary blend of 7 different hop types in one and was created mainly for IPAs.

15 gallons were brewed and we boiled for 90 minutes. Here are the actual additions:

1 oz Calypso - 75 mins
1 oz Sorachi Ace - 60 min
2 oz Zythos - 60 min
2 oz Zythos - 20 min
2 oz Zythos - 15 min
3 oz Sorachi Ace - 10 min
3 oz Sorachi ace 5 min

Dry hopped
4 oz Sorachi Ace 7 days

So we figured this would be a DIPA, but after drinking this I did not feel it was quite to that level. I think it ended up more or less an IPA. I wish I would have taken a picture of this in the glass, but it is all gone. I will have to remember to start doing that again. I ended up calling this the IPZ due to the zythos hops we used.

For just winging it, this beer was pretty fabulous. It fermented nice and clean on US-05 yeast. It had a really nice lemony citrus on the front end and finished with a nice pleasant bitterness in the back of the mouth. My wife was one of the biggest fans of this beer. I am not sure what to think about that as she is not a hoppy beer person. Maybe she is actually starting to acquire a taste for them?

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