Saturday, September 8, 2012

Brewer, geek, cellerman...

Well nothing was brewed today, but a lot was created. Some were actual things, some just ideas.

First things first. Geek.

Today the brewtroller platform upgrade was completed. The mounting box is very temporary, but fully functional. A new gas control valve was added as well as cool new gas pilot lights.The brewtroller is now in charge of the HLT and MLT! Tomorrow we will run through a water only brew session using an iPad as a control panel and make sure all is well.

While I was working on the new set up I got a call from Tim. Epic was practically giving away bourbon whiskey barrels that were used in the production of their smoked and oaked porter.

What size? 53 gallons? good lord!

SO I now have a huge barrel sitting in my garage. Tons of ideas flood my head, tons of problems too. It looks like I need to become wise in the ways of the barrel. I hope the reward is epic.

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