Friday, October 22, 2010

Bruery's Black Tuesday stout: now on eBay

Bruery's Black Tuesday stout: now on eBay

Just thought I would post this since it crosses into both of my worlds (beer & work)... I would love to try a bottle of this stuff, but not for that price.

From LA Weekly:

It's a bit ironic that Black Tuesday, a beer named after the day that marked the start of the Great Depression back in 1929, is on pace to reach an eBay auction price point generally reserved for iPads and Italian shoes. But in yet another sign of the growth of L.A.'s craft beer culture, the O.C.-based Bruery has earned 22 bids and a $450 price at the time of this writing for two tickets to its Black Tuesday release party next Tuesday. (The tickets include three bottles of Black Tuesday to take home.) According to local beerhound and past X Questions subject Jason Bernstein of Golden State, the Imperial stout and its 19.5% alcohol volume are worth tracking down: "Strong caramel notes with a lingering vanilla finish (no doubt from the [bourbon] barrel aging) and remarkably smooth given its terrifyingly high alcohol content," he wrote on LA Weekly. If that sounds like something you can't pass up, we suggest getting your bids going -- the auction still has three-and-a-half days left. Proceeds will go toward the Falling Whistles charity to support peace in the Congo, so hey, that's one thing to feel good about while your wallet and liver recover.

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