Tuesday, September 28, 2010

What is Revival Brewing?

I recently started writing down the history and descriptions of some of my recent creations and decided to start presenting it in a blog format. The focus will be entirely on beer and my brewing.

So what's in this name? Revival brewing means two things to me.
The first is that I chose the name after rejoining the art of home brewing after a long 10 year hiatus. So it represents the reviving of the brew for me. I have now been brewing all grain non-stop for about the past 15 months. 
The other reason for the names is that I love history. To me history and beer go hand in hand.  I want to understand how beer has evolved over time, and I want to know what it tasted like. Beer appears along with the earliest know civilizations. Almost every culture that has had access to the right ingredients has created and celebrated it in some way or another. Not everything I brew has some long history to it, but I am definitely drawn to styles that do.
I hope my friends enjoy the beers as much as I enjoyed making them. I hope I do them the justice they deserve!

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