Monday, August 29, 2011

Coconut Porter in the fermenter

I finally got around to brewing a coconut porter yesterday. I am not a big fan of fruit beers but this one has always intrigued me. I had a chance to try Maui Brewing’s Coconut porter a few weeks back and I think that really pushed this one to the top of the brewing schedule. I liked that porter, but I thought the coconut could stand to be a little more apparent in the beer. So of course I decided to brew it with a stronger coconut flavor.

Mash being recirculated.

Here is the recipe of the top of my head.

11 Gallon batch Coconut Porter

16 Pounds Northwestern Pale ale malt
4 pounds Dark Munich malt
2 Dingmans chocolate malt
2 Golden naked oats
2 Crystal 40

1 oz Calypso hops (12.9%) 60 mins
2 oz East Kent Golding (4.9%) 15 mins

Unsweetened shredded, lightly toasted on cookie sheet at 350 degrees. Each sheet spent about 5 mins in the oven and the coconut was flipped one time in that 5 minutes.

2 Pounds went into the 60 minute mash
2 pounds went into the kettle at flameout and was whirl pooled for about 10 minutes while chilling.

Draining the boil kettle with 2 pounds of coconut.

I mashed this one at 154, OG came in at 1.065, and I pitched US-05 yeast.

This thing smelled wonderful. The mash reminded me of a mounds or almond joy candy bar. It will be interesting what this tastes like when fermentation finishes. I am reserving the option to add some more coconut after fermentation, but it just depends on how it tastes.   

Pumping from the kettle to the fermenter

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